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// ZKArchive.h
// ZipKit
// Created by Karl Moskowski on 08/05/09.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class ZKCDTrailer;
@interface ZKArchive : NSObject {
// invoker should be an NSOperation or NSThread; if [invoker isCancelled], inflation or deflation will be aborted
id __weak _invoker;
id __weak _delegate;
NSString *_archivePath;
NSMutableArray *_centralDirectory;
NSFileManager *_fileManager;
ZKCDTrailer *_cdTrailer;
NSTimeInterval _throttleThreadSleepTime;
// cached respondsToSelector: checks
BOOL drtsDelegateWantsSizes;
BOOL drtsDidBeginZip;
BOOL drtsDidBeginUnzip;
BOOL drtsWillZipPath;
BOOL drtsWillUnzipPath;
BOOL drtsDidEndZip;
BOOL drtsDidEndUnzip;
BOOL drtsDidCancel;
BOOL drtsDidFail;
BOOL drtsDidUpdateTotalSize;
BOOL drtsDidUpdateTotalCount;
BOOL drtsDidUpdateBytesWritten;
BOOL irtsIsCancelled;
+ (BOOL) validArchiveAtPath:(NSString *) path;
+ (NSString *) uniquify:(NSString *) path;
- (void) calculateSizeAndItemCount:(NSDictionary *) userInfo;
- (NSString *) uniqueExpansionDirectoryIn:(NSString *) enclosingFolder;
- (void) cleanUpExpansionDirectory:(NSString *) expansionDirectory;
- (BOOL) delegateWantsSizes;
- (void) didBeginZip;
- (void) didBeginUnzip;
- (void) willZipPath:(NSString *)path;
- (void) willUnzipPath:(NSString *)path;
- (void) didEndZip;
- (void) didEndUnzip;
- (void) didCancel;
- (void) didFail;
- (void) didUpdateTotalSize:(NSNumber *) size;
- (void) didUpdateTotalCount:(NSNumber *) count;
- (void) didUpdateBytesWritten:(NSNumber *) byteCount;
@property (assign, nonatomic) id __weak invoker;
@property (assign, nonatomic) id __weak delegate;
@property (copy) NSString *archivePath;
@property (retain) NSMutableArray *centralDirectory;
@property (retain) NSFileManager *fileManager;
@property (retain) ZKCDTrailer *cdTrailer;
@property (assign) NSTimeInterval throttleThreadSleepTime;
@property (copy) NSString *comment;
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