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// ZKDefs.h
// ZipKit
// Created by Karl Moskowski on 01/04/09.
enum ZKReturnCodes {
zkFailed = -1,
zkCancelled = 0,
zkSucceeded = 1,
// File & path naming
extern NSString* const ZKArchiveFileExtension;
extern NSString* const ZKMacOSXDirectory;
extern NSString* const ZKDotUnderscore;
extern NSString* const ZKExpansionDirectoryName;
// Keys for dictionary passed to size calculation thread
extern NSString* const ZKPathsKey;
extern NSString* const ZKusingResourceForkKey;
// Keys for dictionary returned from ZKDataArchive inflation
extern NSString* const ZKFileDataKey;
extern NSString* const ZKFileAttributesKey;
extern NSString* const ZKPathKey;
// Zipping & Unzipping
extern const NSUInteger ZKZipBlockSize;
extern const NSUInteger ZKNotificationIterations;
// Magic numbers and lengths for zip records
extern const NSUInteger ZKCDHeaderMagicNumber;
extern const NSUInteger ZKCDHeaderFixedDataLength;
extern const NSUInteger ZKCDTrailerMagicNumber;
extern const NSUInteger ZKCDTrailerFixedDataLength;
extern const NSUInteger ZKLFHeaderMagicNumber;
extern const NSUInteger ZKLFHeaderFixedDataLength;
extern const NSUInteger ZKCDTrailer64MagicNumber;
extern const NSUInteger ZKCDTrailer64FixedDataLength;
extern const NSUInteger ZKCDTrailer64LocatorMagicNumber;
extern const NSUInteger ZKCDTrailer64LocatorFixedDataLength;
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