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Less Wrong platform
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config Run cron stuff as lesswrong not www-data Nov 16, 2014
db/dumps Create a selenium spec to setup the initial db May 27, 2011
provisioning Install 'acl' package to make newer versions of Ansible work. Nov 29, 2016
r2 has to use https to get sqlalchemy Jan 9, 2018
scripts Fix meetup submission. Add new required parameter to other places that I Sep 30, 2016
spec Add explicit pauses to selenium test script Jul 25, 2011
sql Move functions.sql into chef config Nov 11, 2013
tasks Fix Rakefile for fixed manual test script Mar 27, 2014
test Don't let banned users vote Jul 4, 2014
.gitignore Add development.ini Jul 4, 2016
.gitmodules Set up ansible playbook Jul 4, 2016
.ruby-version.sample Switch from .rvmrc to .ruby-version Jun 19, 2013
LICENSE initial checkin Jun 18, 2008
Rakefile no longer requires sudo to run the Jan 16, 2018


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