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@@ -49,6 +49,20 @@ Click the "Create new article" button in the side bar.
Click the "test" tag link, you should see a list of articles, including yours
Click the "Log out" button in the sidebar, your article should no longer be visible
+- Karma
+Login with another user than before
+ The page should refresh and you should be logged in
+Click 'Main' in the top navigation bar
+ You should see a popup with the entries 'Posts' and 'Comments'
+ Click 'Comments'
+ You should see the two comments of the previous user on top
+ Click 'Vote Up' on the first comment of the previous user
+ Click 'Vote Up' on the second comment of the previous user
+Click 'Log out'
+Login with the first user
+ The page should refresh and you should be logged in
+ You should see a 'Karma Score' of '2'
- Discussion
@@ -57,15 +71,15 @@ Click the Discussion link in the nav bar
The logo should have changed to include 'discussion'
The 'discussion' link in the navbar should be highlighted
The list of recent comments should not include comments from the main site
- There should be a 'back to less wrong' link at the beginning of the navbar
+ There should be a 'Main' link at the beginning of the navbar
Check that it links to the root, NOT /r/discussion
Log in and ensure you're in the discussion area
Create an article, and go back to the main discussion area
The list of articles should be a simple list of titles and some meta data
Click on an article
It should show as a normal article, with comments
Make a comment
-Click the 'Back to Less Wrong' link
+Click the 'Main' link
Click the create new article link
There should be an option to post to 'discussion' in the menu at the bottom
Post a new article, choosing to post to 'discussion'

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