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As the name implies, “Copy/move” allows you to copy or move a single page up to an entire tree of pages from one part of the website to another


To copy or move a page or tree click the “Copy/Move” button from the tree list on the “pages” page for the page you want to copy or move.

If you have multiple view types for pages then the “Copy/Move” button will only appear on the “Tree view”. If you have access permissions on page they will be copied when the new page is created and will be maintained if the page is moved


Once you have clicked the “Copy/Move” button you will be taken to a page that allows you to decide how the copy/move should take place.

What do you want to do?

These 4 radio buttons that allow you to determine exactly what happens.

Copy only 'X' page.

This will copy only the selected page, no children will be copied.

Copy 'X' and its first-level children.

This will copy the selected page and all pages one level below it in the tree.

Copy 'X' and all of its children.

This will copy the selected page and all pages below it in the tree.

Only move page.

Only move the page, do not create a copy, note that all pages below it in the tree wil be moved as well.

Copy or move under

Select the page which you would like to make the parent of the newly copied or moved page.

Page status

This allows you to set the status of the new page and all its children.

  • If you choose the “Use the same status” option then all the pages will retain their existing statuses

  • If you set to a status other than “Use the same status” then ALL the pages in the copied/moved tree will have their status changed.