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= Multi Site
Created by Sean Cribbs, November 2007. Inspired by the original virtual_domain
Multi Site allows you to host multiple websites on a single Radiant
Each site has its own independent sitemap/page-tree and these attributes:
name: Whatever you want to call the site
domain: A Ruby regular expression (without the //) to match the request
base_domain: A canonical domain name for doing quicker matches and for
generating absolute URLs against
homepage_id: The numerical database ID of the root page (usually
you can just leave this alone).
Included images are slightly modified from FamFamFam Silk Icons by Mark James:
== Installation
1) Unpack/checkout/export the extension into vendor/extensions of your
2) Run the extension migrations.
$ rake production db:migrate:extensions
3) Run the extension update task.
$ rake radiant:extensions:multi_site:update
4) Restart your server
== Other Extensions
Multi Site allows you to customize routes within your other extensions. To
restrict a route to a particular site, pass the site's name into the
conditions hash:
map.resources :things, :conditions => { :site => 'My Site' }
You can also scope a route to multiple sites with an array:
map.resources :things, :conditions => { :site => ['My Site', 'Your Site'] }
== Acknowledgments
Thanks to Digital Pulp, Inc. for funding the initial development of this
extension as part of the project.
== Changelog
Made site selector links go to that domain, not current domain.
(makes page preview extension work with multisite). If all your
domains share a common suffix, set it in your controller to not
have to log in each time you go to a new site.
e.g. (in production.rb)
ActionController::Base.session_options[:session_domain] = ''
- Glenn Murray @