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Ruote is an open source Ruby workflow engine.
The main project team
John Mettraux -
Torsten Schoenebaum -
Kenneth Kalmer -
Neil Pennell -
Patrick Gannon - fix for compatibility with ruote-mongodb
Fix Peña - 'jump to' bug patch
Eric Smith - position when error patch
David Goodlad -
Eric Dennis -
David Greaves -
Rich Meyers -
Oleg Pudeyev -
Brett Anthoine -
Matt Nichols -
Nicholas Faiz -
Chris Beer -
Enrico Bianco -
Andrew Timberlake - timeout 'at'
Raphael Simon - error handling mechanism design and QA
Maarten Oelering - bug reports and test cases
Nick Petrella - socket listener issues and Python interactivity, dollar patch
Sakaguchi Masa - japanese website and articles in Japanese magazines
Patrice Cappelaere - lots of feedback and ideas
Tomaso Tosolini - database persisted engine implementation and patches
Alain Hoang (configuration managaer)
Matt Zukowski (senior developer)
Jamandru Reynolds (
Frederic Piccand
Richard Jennings
Nando Sola - many help
Iuri Gagnidze - ProcessStatus#definition_name issues, Engine#leftovers
John Le -
Sean Johnson -
Hery - Engine#register and block participants
Gonzalo Suarez - many many help
Rebo - 'set' issue with Sinatra
Copper Hill - test coverage enhancements
Claudio Petasecca Donati - many help
Daniel Neighman "hassox" - :on_timeout => "error" and many issue reports
Eric Platon - engine.launch_single idea
Marc Lee - storage.clear consistency
Nathan Stults - enhanced dollar substitution and service
Don H. French - Engine#register_from_dir idea
Kaspar Schiess -
Oleg (foenixx) - many suggestions and bug reports
Avishai Shalom - discussion and ideas about participant/worker locality
Francisco Kiko - many help
David Goldhirsch - EM participant block
dlamotte - set :val => nil
jpr5 + asm
Jason Allen - multi-instance considerations
Petia Wohed - workflow patterns implementation evaluation
Ralph DeGuelle - sleep silent death report
Leo Venegas - various bug reports
Corin Moss - sync launch and ruote-rest balancing
Scott Sproule - missing read() method in rufus-verbs fopen()
Aye Thu - missing 'atom-tools' dependency
Machiel Groeneveld - missing 'rufus-mnemo' dependency
Harshal Hayat - :on_field => :executions idea
Ralf KaoticEntity - concurrence mix feedback
Graeme Lockley - every jobs {re/un}scheduling
JimJin - various feedback and bug reports
Andreas Baumann - bug reports and test cases
Fu Zhang - csv tables 'accumulate' and 'range' ideas
Lee Fyock - suggested the Scheduler 'tag' feature.
Art Schumer - cron scheduler bug
ara.t.howard on the ruby talk ml pointed out a weakness in scheduler.
Tomek "Tomash" Stachewicz - scheduler feedback
Jon "Compensator" - first report of the "yamlextras" issue
(see the mailing list at : )
Last but not least
Many thanks to the authors, the contributors and the community of the Ruby language, the various json gems, the builder, mailtrap, sourcify, parsetree gems, and many more.
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