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APM: added SENSOR_OFFSETS message

this allows monitoring of the sensor calibration values, which is
useful for debugging sensor issues
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tridge committed Aug 13, 2011
1 parent 07151d4 commit c4758d94e18e86c74f2137f3b9ed5f15a026e2c5
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@@ -1,6 +1,29 @@
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!-- note that APM specific messages should use the command id
range from 150 to 250, to leave plenty of room for growth
of common.xml
If you prototype a message here, then you should consider if it
is general enough to move into common.xml later
<message id="150" name="SENSOR_OFFSETS">
<description>Offsets and calibrations values for hardware
sensors. This makes it easier to debug the calibration process.</description>
<field type="int16_t" name="mag_ofs_x">magnetometer X offset</field>
<field type="int16_t" name="mag_ofs_y">magnetometer Y offset</field>
<field type="int16_t" name="mag_ofs_z">magnetometer Z offset</field>
<field type="float" name="mag_declination">magnetic declination (radians)</field>
<field type="int32_t" name="raw_press">raw pressure from barometer</field>
<field type="int32_t" name="raw_temp">raw temperature from barometer</field>
<field type="float" name="gyro_cal_x">gyro X calibration</field>
<field type="float" name="gyro_cal_y">gyro Y calibration</field>
<field type="float" name="gyro_cal_z">gyro Z calibration</field>
<field type="float" name="accel_cal_x">accel X calibration</field>
<field type="float" name="accel_cal_y">accel Y calibration</field>
<field type="float" name="accel_cal_z">accel Z calibration</field>

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