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2 parents 20c7f9c + 257e519 commit f5ec13f1da664cc2d88c5de21dc7eee398ec7e80 @jgoppert jgoppert committed Feb 15, 2012
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@@ -1450,10 +1450,10 @@
<description>Optical flow from a flow sensor (e.g. optical mouse sensor)</description>
<field type="uint64_t" name="time_usec">Timestamp (UNIX)</field>
<field type="uint8_t" name="sensor_id">Sensor ID</field>
- <field type="int16_t" name="flow_x">Flow in pixels in x-sensor direction</field>
- <field type="int16_t" name="flow_y">Flow in pixels in y-sensor direction</field>
+ <field type="float" name="flow_x">Flow in x-sensor direction</field>
+ <field type="float" name="flow_y">Flow in y-sensor direction</field>
<field type="uint8_t" name="quality">Optical flow quality / confidence. 0: bad, 255: maximum quality</field>
- <field type="float" name="ground_distance">Ground distance in meters</field>
+ <field type="float" name="ground_distance">Ground distance in meters (-1 for unknown, flow is then in pixel / arbitrary scale)</field>
<message id="101" name="GLOBAL_VISION_POSITION_ESTIMATE">
<field type="uint64_t" name="usec">Timestamp (milliseconds)</field>

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