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MAVLink micro air vehicle marshalling / communication library
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MAVLink Micro Air Vehicle Message Marshalling Library

This is a library for lightweight communication between
Micro Air Vehicles (swarm) and/or ground control stations.
It serializes C-structs for serial channels and can be used with
any type of radio modem.

For help, please visit the mailing list:

MAVLink is licensed under the terms of the Lesser General Public License of the Free Software Foundation (LGPL).
As MAVLink is a header-only library, compiling an application with it is considered "using the libary", not a derived work. MAVLink can therefore be used without limits in any closed-source application without publishing the source code of the closed-source application.

To generate/update packets, select mavlink_standard_message.xml
in the QGroundControl station settings view, select mavlink/include as
the output directory and click on "Save and Generate".
You will find the newly generated/updated message_xx.h files in
the mavlink/include/generated folder.

To use MAVLink, #include the <mavlink.h> file, not the individual
message files. In some cases you will have to add the main folder to the include search path as well. To be safe, we recommend these flags:

gcc -I mavlink/include -I mavlink/include/<your message set, e.g. common>

For more information, please visit:

(c) 2009-2012 Lorenz Meier <>
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