Display the street labels following polylines for Leaflet
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A Leaflet plugin for showing street labels along polylines.

It's working with Leaflet as a addition to the awesome work done by yakitoritabetai Leaflet.LabelTextCollision and Viglino Canvas-TextPath

This project structure is a shameless copy of the Leaflet.fullscreen Leaflet.fullscreen by Leaflet.


You can rush to the demo here.

Using this plugin

Include this plugin JS file on your page from the dist folder after Leaflet library, Canvas-TextPath and Leaflet.LabelTextCollision as follows:


// Create a new renderer as follows (use any options as necessary):
var streetLabelsRenderer = new L.StreetLabels({
      collisionFlg : true,
      propertyName : 'name',
      showLabelIf: function(layer) {
        return true; //layer.properties.type == "primary";
      fontStyle: {
        dynamicFontSize: false,
        fontSize: 10,
        fontSizeUnit: "px",
        lineWidth: 4.0,
        fillStyle: "black",
        strokeStyle: "white",

// Create a new map and attach the renderer created above:
var map = new L.Map('map', {
    renderer : streetLabelsRenderer, //Custom Canvas Renderer


npm install && npm run build

Supported Leaflet Versions

Leaflet 1.0 and later versions should be supported. Earlier versions probably won't work (not even tested anymore).