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Converts HTML5 audio and video tags into Flash media players that can be controlled via Javascript, so that website authors can use the audio and video element right away without having to care about manually providing flash player fallbacks.
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html5flash is an browser-independent implementation of the HTML5 video and
audio tag. If you are planning to use video and audio on your web site, but

- do not want to develop in flash
- do not want to invent a proprietory API for controlling video and audio
- want to be future proof when HTML5 gets wider adoption

then html5flash is right for you. In order to use it, you have to add following
tags into the head of your HTML page:

<script src="soundmanager2.js"></script>
<script src="html5flash.js"></script>

Then you can add <audio> and <video> elements to your page. You should take 
a look at the examples, at the HTML5 working draft and at the html5flash Wiki
for further instructions.

For videos you need additionally following tag in your HTML body, where you
want the video to appear:

<div id="sm2-container"></div>

html5flash uses Scott Schiller's excellent soundmanager2 library, which
provides the Flash implementation of an invisible audio player and chromeless
video player.

html5flash is licensed under the terms of the Apache Software License.
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