Report.ixi plugin for Ict
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IXI plugin for Ict to report node information to external services.


Go to releases and download report.ixi-{VERSION}.jar from the most recent release.

Alternatively, you can build the .jar file from the source code (advanced users). Git and Gradle is required for the following steps:

git clone
cd Report.ixi
gradle fatJar


Adjust the Ict config file

In your ict.cfg file, make sure that ixi_enabled is set to true:


Create and adjust the Report.ixi config file

Create or open the report.ixi.cfg file and complete the settings.

// The host IP address is used to create the UDP socket. 
// If the IP address is, the socket will be bound to the wildcard address, 
// an IP address chosen by the kernel. Mostly you don`t need to change the host IP.

// The name of your Ict Client which is configured in the ict.cfg file. This name
// is only used for the RMI connection between Report.ixi and the Ict Client.
// The default value is set to "ict".

// The additional port of the Report.ixi application of your instance. 
// This additional port is not the Ict port.

// optional: 
// Must be defined if the external report port is different from the internal.

// A simple name chosen by the Ict operator for this Ict node.
// There is no guarantee that this name is unique, multiple Ict nodes may
// use the same name. Follow the naming convention: "<name> (ict-<number>)", e.g. 
// "ixuz (ict-0)" or "testIT (ict-0)".

// Add host and port of your neighbors Report.ixi (comma separated, no whitespace).
// Please note that the port numbers should refer to your neighbor's Report.ixi operational port.

Port forwarding, firewall settings

The Report.ixi application will only operate correctly, if you open or forward the additional UDP port (reportPort, which is defined in the file report.ixi.cfg) in your router and/or firewall settings.

Run Report.ixi

Step 1: Start your Ict Client

java -jar ict-{VERSION}.jar

Step 2: Start Report.ixi

java -jar report.ixi-{VERSION}.jar

If your report.ixi.cfg file is not in the same directory, you can set the path as argument:

java -jar report.ixi-{VERSION}.jar ../report.ixi.cfg