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Report.ixi plugin for Ict
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IXI plugin for Ict to report node information to external services.


Ict WebGUI > Manage Modules > Install Third Party Plugin > "trifel/Report.ixi"

Go to releases and download report.ixi-{VERSION}.jar from the most recent release.

Alternatively, you can build the .jar file from the source code (advanced users). Git and Gradle is required for the following steps:

git clone
cd Report.ixi
gradle fatJar

And move the .jar file into Ict's modules/-directory.


Ict WebGUI > IXI Modules > Report.ixi

  • Ict REST API Port: Set the Ict WebGUI port number.
  • Ict REST API Password: Set the password needed to access Ict WebGUI.
  • Name: Set the name that your node will be identifying itself as, the accepted format is name (ict-0).
    • Replace the name with your own personalized name.
    • If you run more than one Ict, increment the integer at the end of the name.
  • Neighbors: You will most likely not need to edit this field as it will automatically get populated when successfully configuring Ict REST API Port and Ict REST API Password
    • publicAddress: It's possible to override the public address associated with a neighbor, but this is uncommon.
  • Public Address: Enter your own node's publically known address:port
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