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#ifndef _SERMSG_H
#define _SERMSG_H
#include <stdint.h>
// functions for sending hexadecimal
void serwrite_hex4(uint8_t v);
void serwrite_hex8(uint8_t v);
void serwrite_hex16(uint16_t v);
void serwrite_hex32(uint32_t v);
// functions for sending decimal
#define serwrite_uint8(v) serwrite_uint32(v)
#define serwrite_int8(v) serwrite_int32(v)
#define serwrite_uint16(v) serwrite_uint32(v)
#define serwrite_int16(v) serwrite_int32(v)
void serwrite_uint32(uint32_t v);
void serwrite_int32(int32_t v);
void serwrite_uint32_vf(uint32_t v, uint8_t fp);
void serwrite_int32_vf(int32_t v, uint8_t fp);
#endif /* _SERMSG_H */
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