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// This file is the base build-script for the project. There are additional
// config files in the 'config'-directory, that handle different aspects of
// the build and deployment for the project.
apply plugin: 'java-base'
// Please make sure you read the file before you try to understand
// what is going on.
allprojects {
// You can use 'gradle eclipse' to generate eclipse project files.
// You can use 'gradle -t' to see a list of availible tasks.
apply plugin: 'eclipse'
defaultTasks 'build'
// Usually you will want to add proxy repositories to nexus instead on
// adding explicitly here.
repositories {
mavenRepo name: 'trifork-releases', urls: ''
mavenRepo name: 'trifork-snapshots', urls: ''
subprojects { subproject ->
// Subproject currently always default to java. This might change in the future.
// If you are making WARs take a look at the 'war' plugin.
apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'deployment'
targetCompatibility = '1.6'
sourceCompatibility = '1.6'
// Include references to common dependencies so you can keep
// versions consistent accross your sub-projects.
apply from: 'config/libraries.groovy'
// Checkstyle source coding standards.
// TODO: These setting are a bit verbose, but
// the implementation seems to be a bit broken (in Gradle 0.9.2).
apply plugin: 'code-quality'
checkstyleConfigDir = "$rootDir/config/checkstyle"
checkstyleConfigFileName = new File(checkstyleConfigDir, "checkstyle.xml")
checkstyleProperties.checkstyleConfigDir = checkstyleConfigDir
// Shared dependencies for all subprojects.
// Logging is a common shared dependency.
dependencies {
testCompile libraries.testng
// Add some extra memory for testing, this is usually useful.
test {
maxHeapSize = "1024m"
// The following is section is adds the plugins from
buildscript {
repositories {
mavenRepo name: 'trifork-releases', urls: ''
mavenRepo name: 'trifork-snapshots', urls: ''
dependencies {
classpath 'com.trifork:gradle-plugins:0.1.0'
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