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Serialization of EFunHandler function objects isn't implemented #48

eriksoe opened this Issue · 4 comments

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==== To reproduce:
1> erlang:term_to_binary(fun erlang:is_lt/2).

=== Observed behaviour:
** exception error: {not_implemented,"Encode for erjang.EFunHandler2",
in function term_to_binary/1


But it does work for existing functions, such as:
```1> erlang:term_to_binary(fun erlang:is_pid/1).

But I can't figure out why it only fails for non-existing functions.

I think I've figured this out. In order to implement erjang.EObject$encode method for ejang.EFunHandler, we need something similar to erjang.EFun$make_encode_method_for_exported and add it to erjang.EFun$get_fun_with_handler. It seems to be impossible because we don't know module and function name of certain EFunHandler instance unless its invoke method has been, well, invoked.

If such observation is true, I think this issue can't be solved.




Thanks for the fix!

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