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Since Cygwin bash is "transparent" to Java when you run ej, File.separator (and all other System.getProperty() dependent things) is set to '' on Windows and you cannot load kilim/S_* classes in the EModuleClassLoader. I have fixed it through a fallback to '/' when the first load attempt didn't work. Now it's possible to run ej from a Cygwin shell.

Please feel free to review, I will go look for "real important" tasks :)

PS: commiting the file was an oops, sorry

Regards - Pavlo


You'll have to live with EUnsigned I'm afraid because it's really tricky to tinker with the number classes and adding extra classes/cases will reduce performance for other cases.


You mean leave the EInteger and check for its positive sign inplace where necessary? Ok. BigInt's signum should do the job - need to play with it in this context.


I think I will have to differentiate between EBig and ESmall - didn't get to this point yet.


You're welcome to add virtual methods to number/small/bigint as needed of cause


RabbitMQ depends on fd numbers being unique, so we should consider a map from absolute paths to unique integers to support that.


maybe it would be more "clean" to use the "handle" field on Windows acc. to: . We would need to get an fd out of a Windows file handle (

But if you mean to generelly avoid the "dirty" breaking into the FileDescriptor, stealing its provate fields (fd or handle, no matter), I guess this would be the best solution :). A unique integer would map to a FileDescriptor object, no matter on which platform, right?

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