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Who am I?

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I’m Kresten Krab Thorup, CTO/Chief Scientist/resident-Cosmo-Cramer of Trifork (, co-organizer of JAOO and QCon and QCon/SF. Actually co-chairing the program committees for those conferences is part of my day-job, and I am also known as “the guy in the green jacket”.

Doing conferences is not the primary business of Trifork, we make a living by writing software – most of it being in public healthcare.

At Trifork, I have contributed to the Trifork Enterprise Application Server which (used to be) a fully licensed Java2 EE application server. We also have a Java-profiler for production environments, known as Trifork P4. I often do professional “fire fighting” on large Java systems. Let me know if you want to do business with Trifork.

I have been doing language implementation for 20 years. I was at NeXT doing the Objective-C compiler for some years in early-mid 90’s. I have worked on severa rounds of gcc, the GNU Objective-C, the palmos-m68k port, the JVM interpreter inside GNU Compiled Java. I have also contributed little pieces to JRuby, and a ton of other language stuff.

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