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Map Reduce Functions

This is a list of all the MapReduce Functions that have been contributed to the repo. These links will take you to author-provided information about the functions along with a link to a the source file in the [[Riak Function Contrib Repo|]].

The file names should reflect the nature of the function, so look to that for an idea of how it might help you and what you can use it for. The language in which the function is written is specified in parentheses at the end of the name.

Have a MapReduce Function to contribute? Check out he [[the contribution guidelines on the README to get start|]] to get started.

For more information on using these functions in your environment please reference the [[usage|usage]] section.

Contributed Functions

[[Counting Keys in a Bucket (JS)|count_keys]]
[[Return Bucket/Key Pairs (Erlang/JS)|get_keys]]
[[Delete Key Reduce Phase (Erlang)|delete_keys]]
[[Regex Key Match (JS)|regex_key_match]]
[[Save the Result of a Map to a Riak Bucket/Key (Erlang)|save_reduce]]
[[Sorting by Field (JS)|sorting-by-field]]
[[ISO8601 DateTimes (JS)|iso8601]]
[[Stats (JS)|stats]]
[[Luwak Files (Erlang)|luwak_mr]]

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