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BrightcenterSDK-Corona 2.0

This SDK makes it easier to communicate with Brightcenter. It uses an appswitch to retrieve the student that is logged in.

###Register your appUrl When you register or edit an assessment you can change your appUrl. your appUrl needs to be the same as your CFBundleURLSchemes. If you register your appUrl you can generate a test link on: . There you can select your app and a student and your link will be generated. If you open this link on a device or simulator your app will be opened. When the BrightcenterApp is finished it'll open your app in the same way.

Download the project

To use this SDK you need to download this project. You'll need to at least include brightcenterController.lua into your own project by just adding them to your project folder.

Use the SDK

To use the sdk you need to include the following line of code:

controller = require("brightcenterController")

before you do anything with the controller you should set controller.sceneToGoTo and controller.appUrl. controller.sceneToGoTo is the scene you want to load after the appswitch is made. controller.appUrl has to be the bundlescheme of your app as seen in your build.settings. IMPORTANT!: you'll need to change your CFBundleURLSchemes to something unique that corresponds to your app, otherwise it won't work.

the controller has everything you need to post results to the server, retrieve students and retrieve results. If you open the app using the link, the student will automatically be loaded into the controller You can acces it by using controller.student.firstName for example.

Get the results of a student

To get the results of a student you can use the following:

controller.loadResults([assessmentId], [callbackfunction])

The callback function is called when the results are finished loading. In this callback or after it you can acces the results by doing the following:

controller.results[1].score --the score
controller.results[1].questionId -- the id of the question
controller.results[1].attempts --the number of attempts
controller.results[1].duration --the duration in seconds
controller.results[1].completionStatus -- the completion, can either be "COMPLETED" or "INCOMPLETE"

Note that also these calls should be made in a callback function.

Post the result of a student

To post a result of a student you can use the following function:

controller.postResult(assessmentId, questionId, score, duration, completionStatus)

This method returns a string if something went wrong, so you can print the function for error checking.

-assessmentId should be a string

-questionId should be a string

-score should be an integer

-duration should be the duration in seconds as an integer

-completionStatus should be either "COMPLETED" or "INCOMPLETE", you can use controller.completionStatusComplete and controller.completionStatusIncomplete to make sure you send the right values

###Opening the BrightcenterApp To add the brightcenter button to your screen, call the following piece of code:

buttonGroup = controller.createBrightcenterButton(system.orientation, "assessmentId")

To handle orientation change you can add the following to your orientation change event:

if( storyboard.getCurrentSceneName( ) == "REPLACEWITHYOURCURRENTSCENENAME") then
	display.remove( buttonGroup )
	buttonGroup = controller.createBrightcenterButton(e.type, "123-456-789")

For working examples see the demo code.


-To use the appswitch add the following to your build.settings:

iphone = {
		plist = {
			UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend = false,
			CFBundleURLTypes ={ 
					CFBundleURLSchemes = {

-To have internet acces on Android use the following in build.settings:

settings =
   android =
      usesPermissions =

-for questions, create an issue with the issue tracker on

-You can check the other files for examples, the files have a working demo!





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