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The open source background jobs platform

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The v3 developer preview is now open. For more information and to get early access, check out our developer preview launch post.


Create long-running jobs directly in your codebase with features like API integrations, webhooks, scheduling and delays.

Long running Jobs on serverless

Reliably run jobs and don’t worry about function timeouts, we handle those for you.

  • Auto-resume after a function timeout
  • Auto-resume after a server outage
  • Add delays of up to a year

In your codebase

Create Jobs where they belong: in your codebase. Version control, localhost, test, review, and deploy like you're already used to.

Secure by design

We only receive Triggers and the data you choose to send to us. You can even completely self-host the entire platform.

Don't worry about deployment

Just use our SDK to write Jobs in your codebase. There's nothing extra to deploy and no CI to configure, your Jobs just connect to our cloud. Or you can always self-host.

Full visibility of every job run

View every Task in every Run so you can tell exactly what happened.


Built-in integrations

Easily integrate with hundreds of third-party APIs – including your own. Use API keys (which never leave your server) or let us handle OAuth for you. Install our integration packages and easily subscribe to webhooks and perform common tasks, or you can easily use your existing favorite Node.JS SDKs and get resumability and idempotency through our runTask function.

Getting started

Visit our docs here.


We provide an official docker image you can use to easily self-host the platform. We're working on more extensive guides but we currently provide a example repository with instructions in the README for deploying and using a self-hosted instance of on


To setup and develop locally or contribute to the open source project, follow our development guide.

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