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README for the -g option of the Mocka compiler
The gdb (and other) debuggers are written for debugging C and not MODULA-2.
The support of debugging MODULA-2 is small and nearly not documented. For
debugging Mocka you should know the following:
1. Procedures and Modules
The Debugger must distinguish Procedures with the same Names, so the Procedures
are named as modulename_procedurename. For nested Procedures you need more
underscores, e.g.
END two;
END one.
to break the procedure B use
(gdb) break one_two_A_B
to break the initialization of module one use
(gdb) break one
2. Constants
All constants are interpreted global in the debugger also if they were
declared local. If you get problems with that, you can switch off the
debugging of constants with the -nogc option. You cannot debug string constants.
If you use the dbx debugger, you must use -nogc, because dbx does not
understand the constant information.
3. Variables and Params
- local variables and params
no problems, see the notes for data types under 4.
- global variables and params
you cannot read the variables declared in upper procedures directly. You must
use the 'up' and 'down' commands of the debugger to read.
- static variables
Variables declared in the module head are put together in one variable named
modulename_s. You can read the static variables as a field in a record:
(gdb) p modulename_s.variable
4. Data Types
Note the following:
- Open Arrays
Open Arrays are structs with the two components 'start' (start address) and
'length' (length of the array).
- Enumerations and BOOLEANs
Enumerations and BOOLEANs are printed by their name (e.g. FALSE) if the
-ge option is set. Some gdb versions (4.14, 4.15, 4.15.1) seg faults if
enumerations are used. This gdb bug is fixed in version 4.16.
You can switch off producing debugging symbols for enumerations with
the -noge option. In this case enumerations and BOOLEANs are printed
as integers (0=FALSE, 1=TRUE).
- Records
Record fields are printed in the wrong order.
- Sets, BITSET
They are declared as integers. Use the binary (octal, hexadecimal) format to
read the bits.
- Procedure types
treated all as void procedure types.
5. WITH - construction
The debugger has no information of the with construction. So you must use the
whole name of a variable.
6. Bugs
Please report Bugs, etc. to