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Crowdsourced repository of women in software engineering stats.
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Contributor: Anne McCarthy,
Source: Automattic Human Resources team

"I've been digging into our numbers more, talking with HR, and trying to get a
picture of the historical record on the repo. Turns out, the numbers HR gave me
do not account for all of the technical positions we have but just one
position. As a result, people are missing :)."
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This is the data collection follow-up to "Where are the numbers?"

Viewing Data

The easiest way to view the collected data is this Google spreadsheet:

Contributing Data

Please read the contributing guidelines. Thank you for helping to improve the data!

How does the spreadsheet get updated?

Right now, I manually run to pull the numbers out of data.txt and submit them to the Google spreadsheet.

Something like this:

python2 -d data.txt -s $SS_KEY

You can pass it in to your own spreadsheet by creating your own project in the Google Developers Console, generating a client ID for a web application with redirect URI http://localhost:8080/, saving those credentials into client_secrets.json, and running the script with your own spreadsheet key SS_KEY specified, where SS_KEY is the key found in a Google Docs spreadsheet URL:$SS_KEY

Questions / Comments / Concerns?

Please reach out to me on Twitter at @triketora or contact me via my website. Feedback on anything big or small is very welcome :)

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