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The most simple plain text presentation maker.

This version is a standalone HTML page of 4K in size that you can edit in place and get a working presentation. No other tools needed except for a text editor. No programming knowledge is required, too.

Android implementation can be found here.


  1. Download slide.html. Open this link and press Ctrl+S.
  2. Open the downloaded slide.html with a text editor.
  3. Find the line <pre id="slide"> (should be somewhere around line 36).
  4. Edit the text. This is the contents of your presentation.
  5. After you save the file - open it in your browser and see the results. You can edit, save and refresh the browser to see how your presentation looks like.


Either open slide.html in your browser or view it online.


Slides are separated with a blank line.

The font size of each slide is scaled automatically to fit the screen. This is suitable for Takahashi method.

Headlines use a larger font size and start with # sign.

Emphasized text is written as bold and must be surrounded with asterisks, *like this*.

To print an actual asterist just write it twice, ** like this.

Code blocks are written with monospace font and must start with at least two spaces.

To disable the special meaning of newlines, spaces or # put a dot at the beginning of the line.


Above the slide contents there is a small style block. You can specify the default font, foreground and background colors for your slides. You can also customize header, monospace and emphasized font styles.


You can print your presentation, in this case the slides will be printed as small thumbnails so that you could make notes on paper or use it as a story plan for your speech.


We really want to keep it minimal, but if you want to customize it or offer a pull request you can edit files inside the src folder. Then you may open src/slide.html to view your changes, or run npm run build to generate the standalone slide.html version.


Code is distributed under MIT license, feel free to use it.

Made by Trikita - feel free to checkout our other works!


Text presentation maker for a simplified markup language



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