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Apache Camel FOP (2.1) feature for OSGi Bundle Repository (OBR)
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Apache Camel FOP (2.1) feature for OSGi Bundle Repository (OBR)

This project enables a new feature for installing Apache FOP 2.1 in Apache Servicemix. Each feature file relates to a Apache Servicemix version. There are 2 versions of the feature, a and b. a is the default camel-fop feature and b installs Apache FOP 2.1.

Installation guide

  1. The first step is to uninstall the camel-fop feature in case you have it installed.
karaf@root>features:uninstall camel-fop
  1. Download the corresponding feature file to a folder named feature-repository in your Apache Servicemix folder.
  2. Open the Apacher Servicemix Console
  3. Add the feature file to
karaf@root>features:addUrl file:feature-repository/trikora-fop-2.14.3-features.xml
  1. Install the FOP 2.1 feature
karaf@root>features:install trikora-fop/2.14.3_b

Apache FOP will be installed.

Known issues

Installing this feature won't enable any of the following:

  • FopComponents
  • FopEndpoint
  • FopConsumer

This project is provided by Trikora Solutions.

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