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A simple USB <-> PS/2 converter with GPIO multimedia keys
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STM32: PS/2 to USB Converter

This code facilitates a STM32 chip to convert between PS/2 and USB. It is meant to connect a keyboard, which only provides a PS/2 connector, to a computer via USB. This code powers on a daily basis:

  • Cherry G80-3000LSMDE


  • arm-none-eabi-gcc
  • arm-none-eabi-gdb
  • arm-none-eabi-binutils
  • arm-none-eabi-newlib
  • stlink
  • openocd
  • mpfr


After cloning the repository you need to make the following preparations:

git submodule init
git submodule update
cd libopencm3
cd ..

Hardware and Setup

You will obviously need a STM32 chip. At least, it should have connectors on PINs A6 and A7, as well on 5V and GND. Take a freely connectable PS/2 socket and connect its 5V and GND with the STM. Also connect its DATA pin to A6 and its CLK pin to A7. Add two pull-up resistors (10k Ohm works well) between A6/A7 and 5V, respectively.

Connect your STM via a microUSB/USB cable to your computer to power it up. Use a ST-Link v2 Programmer (or similar) to flash the program using make flash onto the STM32. You should then be able to connect your keyboard to the PS/2 socket and have it enumerated as an USB device on your computer.

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