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For My Students If you are doing any of my courses make sure you are using the right version this project is using gulp version 4.0.1 to view previous versions switch branches to older version

So I built this for all the new web developers... My Goal is to save you time from the bullsh*t of spending hours looking for ways to speed up your learning. Sometimes all we want to do is just code. (if you are coming from my youtube channel CodingPhase I will base all my tutorials from this starter kit)

I broke it down in simple steps to get you going.


Download or Pull This Repo Top of this page you can see where it says clone or download

Install Node

Download Atom (OPTIONAL)

Install all the node packages On the root of this project run on your terminal (if you want you can do this with yarn but thats optional) We updated to version 4.0 of gulp so you should have no problems

    npm install
    npm install gulp-cli -g
    npm install gulp 
    npm install webpack@4.25.1 -g
    npm install webpack-cli@3.1.2 -g

make sure versions of gulp is 4.0

    gulp -v 

Start the dev server

  npm run watch

Start the dev server with proxy

  npm run proxy

Build files for production

  npm run build

Optimize Your Images

  npm run imgs

Static Site Generator Development

  npm run static:dev

Static Site Generator Production

  npm run static:build

Instructions to run starter kit on any backend

Coming Soon


- how to fix the EACCESS ERROR
- lets say for example you trying to install webpack
- sudo npm install webpack@4.25.1 -g
- and get an error
- Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/fsevents/build'
- then try again to install it but with this at the end "--unsafe-perm=true --allow-root"
- for example
- sudo npm install webpack@4.25.1 -g --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root


npm install har-validator@latest --save-dev

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