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Django Tinycart

Django Tinycart is a simple cart application for a Django powered site, inspired by django-shop (but without products, orders, payments and shipping).


  • Cart can be stored in session for anonymous users or bound with user for authenticated users.
  • Support for price modifiers for cart and cart items (e.g., for discounts or taxes).


  1. pip install git://

  2. Add 'tinycart' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  3. Add 'tinycart.middleware.HTTPMethodOverrideMiddleware' and 'tinycart.middleware.CartMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES.

  4. Add 'tinycart.context_processors.cart' to TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS.

  5. Add app urls to your project URLConf:

    url(r'^cart/', include('tinycart.urls'))


Feel free to fork, send pull requests or report bugs and issues on github.

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