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Color Tools Plugin

The Color Tools Plugin is an extension for Grav CMS that provides useful Twig and PHP tools for working with CSS colors. When a color object is created, it provides the ability to call a variety of methods to manipulate the color and returns the results.

Methods Available

  • complementary()
  • darken()
  • getCssGradient()
  • getHex()
  • getHsl()
  • getRgb()
  • hexToHsl()
  • hexToRgb()
  • hslToHex()
  • isDark()
  • isLight()
  • lighten()
  • makeGradient()
  • mix()
  • nameToHex()
  • rgbToHex()
  • rgbToString()
  • tailwindFormat()

More information can be found on the GitHub site for the library:


Installing the Color Tools plugin can be done in one of three ways: The GPM (Grav Package Manager) installation method lets you quickly install the plugin with a simple terminal command, the manual method lets you do so via a zip file, and the admin method lets you do so via the Admin Plugin.

GPM Installation

To install the plugin via the GPM, through your system's terminal (also called the command line), navigate to the root of your Grav-installation, and enter:

bin/gpm install color-tools

This will install the Color Tools plugin into your /user/plugins-directory within Grav. Its files can be found under /your/site/grav/user/plugins/color-tools.

Admin Plugin

If you use the Admin Plugin, you can install the plugin directly by browsing the Plugins-menu and clicking on the Add button.

Twig Usage

This plugin returns a color object with the twig filter |color. For example:

{% set orange_color = '#FFCC00'|color %}
{{ orange_color.darken(20) }}


{% set button_color = page.header.hero_button.color|color %}
{% set button_css_class = button_color.isLight() ? 'text-dark' : 'text-light' %}

A color() function is also available:

{% set orange_color = color('#FFCC00') %}
{{ orange_color.darken(20) }}

To use the name_to_hex function or twig:

{{ name_to_hex('chartreuse') }}


{{ 'lavender'|name_to_hex }}

Full list of color names:

PHP Usage

To use this class in PHP is also quite simple, an example that mimic above can be seen below:

use Grav\Plugin\ColorTools\Color;

$orange_color = new Color('#FFCC00');
$darker_orange = $orange_color->darken(20);

$button_color = new Color($page_header['hero_button']['color']);
$button_css_class = $button_color->isLight() ? 'text-dark' : 'text-light';


The PHP class used was originally developed by Arlo Carreon in mexitek/phpColors, then modified by Trilby Media.