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    • Added support for new awesome Grav 1.6 Scheduler
    • Added logic to display custom nested folders in wizard
    • Other than pages, it is now possible to enable config, data, plugins and themes for synchronization. You can also add any custom folder you have in your user (#4, #21, #34, #58, #63, #83)
    • Allow users with admin.pages permissions to synchronize through quick tray (#79, thanks @apfrod)
    • When using Grav as committer, the user email will be now used for the commit (#81, thanks @apfrod)
    • Added support for Webhook Secret (Bitbucket does not yet support them) (#72, #73, thanks @pathmissing)
    • Added options to turn automatic synchronization on/off with page saves, delete and media changes (#105, thanks @AmauryCarrade)
    • Fixed alignment of the git icon in the Wizard (#115)
    • Prevent Wizard modal to get canceled when clicking on the overlay background (#115)
    • Quick tray icon is now smarter. If GitSync has not been initialized yet, it will take you straight to wizard, otherwise it would perform a synchronization (#115)
    • Rearranged blueprint order (thanks @paulhibbitts)
    • GitLab: Updated wizard instructions to be inline with the new GitLab UI (#90)
    • Tweaked alignment of links in the wizard (#57)
    • Properly support local branches that aren't master (#56)
    • Allow to specify custom local_repository (default, USER_DIR) (#95, thanks @Hydraner, also #54, #33, #25)
    • Webhook URL is now more robust and secure, by default it is generated with a random value
    • Git icon from Admin has been replaced to use the git text icon instead of the logo
    • Prevent next step if Step 1 and Step 2 are not filled in (#92)
    • Added notice in Step 2 explaning what GitSync expect from the repository structure (#92)
    • Fixed issue where on first initialization the checkout process would error out
    • Fixed issue with Pages save.
    • Fixed JS error in plugins list
    • Fixed nested folders not synchronizing
    • Fixed issue where Wizard wouldn't work in case the admin path was modified (#27, #94, #77, thanks @pathmissing)
    • Fixed webhook generated URL when multi-lang active (#71)
    • Resolved issue with untracked/uncommited files at the root of the sync folder. (#101, thanks @ScottHamper)



    • CLI: Added status command to check config and git (#52, thanks @karfau)
    • Allow local branches to be named differently than the remote branches (#48, thanks @denniswebb)
    • Added support for new Admin Navigation Tray
    • Fixed minimum Git required version to support --all (#32,#49, thanks @redrohX)



    • Fixed issue with new 'author' option that could trigger errors when settings were not saved. (#23)
    • Fixed the 'More Details' button triggering the Modal to close instead of just expanding the details



    • It is now possible to change the committer name. You can choose between Git User, GitSync Committer Name, Grav User Name, Grav User Fullname (#14).
    • Added more documentation and description about the support of 2FA and Access Tokens (#16, #19, thanks @OleVik)
    • Added 4th Generic Git choice in the wizard for self-hosted and custom git services (Gogs/Gitea) (#7 - #22 - thanks @erlepereira)
    • Fixed issue preventing the custom Git Binary Path from getting used (#15)
    • Fixed issue with Webhook auto-generated URL where it would display double slashes in case of root domain (#15)
    • Fixed issue with the modal not properly restoring the tutorial steps of the active selected service



    • Changed default GitSync email for commits



    • Released plugin to stable GPM channel



    • Added logger setting to log Git command executions
    • Improved Windows compatibility



    • Allow to change the path for the git binary (#1)
    • Added CLI for synchronizing bin/plugin git-sync sync (#2)
    • More security: Git password will now get encrypted and won't load in admin
    • Wizard: Improved Bitbucket explanation about stripping out user@ from the copied HTTPS url (#3)
    • Fixed potential issue when retrieving the currently installed git version
    • Fixed issue that would not properly hide the password from error messages if the password contained special chars
    • Fixed issue preventing the plugin to properly get setup the very first time and causing 401 error (#4)
    • Workaround for error thrown when removing the plugin



    • Initial Release