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Kayako Basecamp Integration

This library is maintained by Kayako.


Basecamp is the leading web-based project management and collaboration tool. To-dos, files, messages, schedules, and milestones.

Basecamp integration will allow you to export any ticket as a todo on Basecamp

Once exported ticket as task then you can: View task with all comments Add comments to exported task Delete task


  1. Download and extract zip file of Basecamp app.
  2. Make a symlink of /src in helpdesk_installation/__apps/basecamp and make sure all files of src folder are available under helpdesk_installation/__apps/basecamp.
  3. Now go to Admin Panel of your helpdesk and click on ‘Apps’ in left side menu.
  4. Now click on Basecamp app and you can see the details regarding this app. Click on ‘Install button’ for Basecamp app installation.
  5. Now Basecamp is installed in your helpdesk. If you want to uninstall it, then simply click on ‘Uninstall’ button.
  6. Click on ‘Basecamp’ under ‘settings’ in left side menu. Enter your Basecamp settings and click on ‘update’ to save Basecamp details.
  7. Go to your staff panel and create a new ticket. Once you have created a ticket, you can see ‘Basecamp’ in above menu.

Installation Wiki:

Supported versions

  • Kayako v4.51.1891 and above