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  1. aspnetcore-angular-universal aspnetcore-angular-universal Public

    ASP.NET Core & Angular Universal advanced starter - PWA w/ server-side rendering for SEO, Bootstrap, i18n internationalization, TypeScript, unit testing, WebAPI REST setup, SignalR, Swagger docs, a…

    TypeScript 1.5k 436

  2. aspnetcore-Vue-starter aspnetcore-Vue-starter Public

    *NEW* Core & Vue.js (ES6) SPA Starter kit - Vuex, webpack, Web API, Docker, and more! By @TrilonIO

    Vue 1.2k 266

  3. universal-nest universal-nest Public

    Nest + Angular Universal = ❤️ by @TrilonIO

    TypeScript 296 62

  4. angular-application-insights angular-application-insights Public

    Angular & Azure Application Insights module - Find out performance and usage of your app by connecting Microsoft Azure Application insights with your Angular application by @TrilonIO

    TypeScript 135 38

  5. ng-universal ng-universal Public

    Angular Universal & SEO Utilities/Helpers - Brought to you by Trilon

    TypeScript 42 4

  6. zeit-now-nestjs zeit-now-nestjs Public

    Deploy NestJS to Zeit Now

    TypeScript 29 10


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