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simple CLI time logger, inspired by gtimelog



timeflow is a simple CLI time logger, used for logging your activities and featuring simple statistics and reporting capabilities

timeflow can be called using either tf or timeflow commands


pip3 install timeflow

Written in python3. Best user experience with python3.


to start working (message content is not important)
>>> tf log "Arrived."

to save a timestamp and your log message,
when finished doing a task write
>>> tf log "Timeflow: create README.rst"

here 'Timeflow' is a 'project' you were working on and 'create README.rst'
is a log of what you were exactly doing this time. Both project and log
must be separated by a colon and space (``: ``).

some tasks are not (payable) work, mark them with two asterisks (**)
>>> tf log "Slack: chatting in the office ** "

you can have 'projects' without any explanations
>>> tf log "Lunch ** "
>>> tf log "Daily Scrum"

if you made a mistake, or missed to log of your activities
you can edit like this
>>> tf edit

this way timeflow will try to run your editor set in $EDITOR
or you can try
>>> tf edit -e vim

to open log file in vim

to check how much you've worked today
>>> tf stats

or to make a report
>>> tf stats --report

you can pass date ranges for stats command, e.g.
>>> tf stats --from 2015-01-01 --to 2015-01-31
>>> tf stats --from 2015-01-01 --to 2015-01-31 --report

Commands & options

log LOG_TEXT - create new log entry to timeflow's log file.

opens timeflow's log file, by default trying to open an editor used in $EDITOR environment variable.

-e EDITOR - passes editor to be used in opening log file.


shows today's work and slack time.

-y, --yesterday - shows yesterday's work and slack time.

-d DATE, --day DATE - shows arbitrary day's work and slack time.

--week WEEK_NUMBER - shows arbitrary week's work and slack time.

--this-week - shows this week's work and slack time.

--last-week - shows last week's work and slack time.

--month MONTH_NUMBER - shows arbitrary month's work and slack time.

--this-month - shows this month's work and slack time.

--last-month - shows last month's work and slack time.

-f DATE, --from DATE - shows work and slack time, from DATE until today, if --to option is not used.

-t DATE, --to DATE - shows work and slack time, up to DATE. Must be used with --from option.

--report - shows report for today, or some other time range if specified using available options.

--report-as-gtimelog - same as --report, but the output is like in gtimelog


Simple cli time tracker inspired by gtimelog




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