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DBA Dash - SQL Server Monitoring Tool

DBA Dash Performance



Documentation is now available on, including an easy to follow quick start guide.

Project Summary

DBA Dash is a tool for SQL Server DBAs to assist with daily checks, performance monitoring and change tracking. You can be up and running within minutes and it will provide you with a wealth of information that will make your life as a DBA easier.

  • Daily DBA Checks

    • Backups
    • Last Good DBCC check
    • Corruption
    • Drive space
    • Agent Jobs
    • Availability Groups
    • Log Shipping
    • Mirroring
    • Identity Columns
    • Custom Checks and more
  • Performance

  • Track configuration

    • sys.configuration settings
    • SQL Patching
    • Hardware
    • Trace Flags
    • Alerts
    • Drivers
    • TempDB and Database files
    • Resource Governor
    • Database options
    • Query Store
    • Schema changes

    Track configuration across your SQL Server estate, automatically logging when changes occur

  • Agent Jobs

    • DDL Tracking
    • Agent job timeline view
    • Agent job performance monitoring
    • Highlight job failures across all your SQL instances
  • Option to monitor instances in isolated environments via S3 bucket.

What DBA Dash collects and when

Video Overview

DBA Dash Overview


  • SQL Server 2016 SP1 or later required for DBADashDB repository database. RDS & Azure DB is supported.
  • SQL 2008-SQL 2022 supported for monitored instances - including Azure and RDS (SQL Server).
  • Windows machine to run agent. Agent can monitor multiple SQL instances.


  • Account to use for agent. Review the security doc for required permissions.
  • .NET Desktop Runtime 6 is used by DBA Dash. You will be prompted to install the .NET runtime version 6 if it's not already installed.

Note It's possible to run as a console app under your own user account for testing purposes.




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