Shell script for http/https troubleshooting and profiling.
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Created by trimstray and contributors

Description is a shell script for http/https troubleshooting and profiling. It's also a simple wrapper script around several open source security tools.

How To Use

Detailed understanding all parameters and how it works, see Wiki.

It's simple:

# Clone this repository
git clone

# Go into the repository

# Install
./ install

# Run the app -d -s -h
  • symlink to bin/ is placed in /usr/local/bin
  • man page is placed in /usr/local/man/man8


Provides the following options: v1.1.0

Usage: <option|long-option>

  Examples: -d -s -h --testssl --ssllabs --domain --cache-bypass "?${RANDOM}" --domain --ssl --headers --proxy "socks5h://"

        --help                                show this message
        -d|--domain <domain_name>             set domain name
        -s|--ssl                              show basic ssl server/connection parameters
        -h|--headers                          show response headers
        -b|--body                             show response body
        -M|--req-method <value>               set request method (default: GET)
        -H|--req-header <value>               set request header(s)
        -p|--proxy <value>                    set proxy server (not for external tools)
        --testssl                             test ssl protocols and ciphers with
        --observatory                         scan domain with mozilla observatory security tool
        --ssllabs                             scan domain with ssllabs security tool
        --mixed-content                       scan website for mixed content
        --nse                                 scan website with nmap nse library
        --cache-bypass <value>                try (proxy) cache bypass
        --user-agent <value>                  set 'User-Agent' header
        --max-redirects <num>                 set max redirects (default: 10)
        --timeout <num>                       set max timeout (default: 15)
        --hide-src-ip                         hide source ip from output


See this.


GPLv3 :

Free software, Yeah!