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HTTP Static Error Pages Generator


A simple to use generator for static pages with errors to replace the default error pages that come with any web server like Nginx or Apache.

Use example

Then an example of starting the tool:


The command result is located in the sites/ directory.

Error examples

404 Not Found

alt text

503 Service Unavailable

alt text

Temporary Maintenance

alt text

Rate Limit

alt text

Your own error pages

If you would like to add your own static pages to generate, edit the src/other.json file and add to it:

    "code" : "903",
    "title": "HTTP Error Code",
    "desc" : "This is a example http error code description.",
    "icon" : "fas fa-info-circle blue"


  • code - specifies the response status codes (eg. 400, 404, 501)
  • title - specifies the short title of status code, related to the code key (eg. "Not Found", "Bad Gateway")
  • desc - determines the possible reason for the error (eg. "The web server is currently undergoing some maintenance")
  • icon - sets a small icon from font-awesome for error code (eg. "fas fa-info-circle green", "fas fa-info-circle red")



Project architecture

|--                    # GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3, 29 June 2007
|--                     # this simple documentation
|--               # principles of project support
|-- .gitignore                    # ignore untracked files
|-- httpgen                       # main script (init)
|-- sites                         # store generated static pages (default empty)
|-- src
    |-- 4xx.json                  # data for 4xx errors
    |-- 5xx.json                  # data for 5xx errors
    |-- other.json                # data for other (eg. rate-limit) errors
    |-- main.css                  # main css file for all static pages
    |-- templates
        |-- _template.html        # static page for all other errors (eg. 404, 500)
        |-- nginx
            |-- errors.conf       # config file with error directives
|-- doc
    |-- img                       # error examples


GPLv3 :

Free software, Yeah!

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