trinidad 1.5.0.B1 (2014-03-27)

@kares kares released this Mar 27, 2014 · 71 commits to master since this release

  • make sure the does include the original name (after reload)
  • set server's parent class-loader for Class.forName to work better from Tomcat
  • add the jruby-rack.jar to web-app's loader instead of using the one loaded
  • start defaulting to "sensible" thread-safe in development/test mode we shall start the same (thread-safe) way as in production
  • set "reloader" (java) thread name for easier identification
  • handle address: * since it broke on adding a JMX bean with * in it's name (which is not a valid one)
  • allow to disable (inherited) web-app extension by specifying name: false
  • remove some of the 'old' deprecated methods/configuration
  • class-loader kung-fu to get thigns right towards leak free applications ...
  • we're still binding by default to localhost/ - change to '*' (#119)