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Extension to daemonize the Trinidad server, based on Akuma
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Trinidad Daemon Extension

Extension to run Trinidad server as a daemon.


jruby -S gem install trinidad_daemon_extension


This extension can be enabled from the Trinidad's configuration file or from the command line. It uses a temporal directory to write the pid file but its path can be overridden.

Configuration file

Configure the daemon in the "extensions" section of the trinidad.yml file :

      # optional by default the pid is written into a temporal directory :
      pid_file: ./

The extension also allows tuning JVM arguments to run the daemon with. They just need to be added into the jvm_args configuration section:

      jvm_args: '-XX:MaxPermSize=512m'

NOTE: Be aware that jvm_args are bare java options and not ones accepted by the jruby command !

Command line

To enable the extension from the command line you have to load the extension first and then use it's --daemonize [PID_FILE] option :

$ jruby -S trinidad --load daemon --daemonize ./

You can find further information on how to write your own extension in the wiki:


Copyright (c) 2013 Team Trinidad. See LICENSE ( for details.

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