Trinity RNA-Seq de novo transcriptome assembly
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Butterfly bfly adjustments to endgap alignments & repeat node path DAG construc… Apr 11, 2018
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Docker patch release v2.8.4 Sep 12, 2018
Inchworm add column headers, reorg output Sep 21, 2018
PerlLib improved error tracking during normalization Feb 12, 2019
PyLib setting STAR SAgeneindex param based on target database size Aug 26, 2018
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sample_data add Sep 26, 2018
trinity-plugins Load CC and CXX from environment variable as a default behavior. Dec 13, 2018
trinity_ext_sample_data @ 89f8bfb use expr weighted gene lengths in ExN50 calc Feb 20, 2019 @ 7c82d56 improved error tracking during normalization Feb 12, 2019
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Trinity RNA-Seq de novo transcriptome assembly see the main webpage


We encourage you to contribute to Trinity! Please check out the Contributing for the guidelines.