Trinity Computing Requirements

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#Trinity Hardware and Configuration Requirements

The Inchworm and Chrysalis steps can be memory intensive. A basic recommendation is to have ~1G of RAM per ~1M pairs of Illumina reads. Simpler transcriptomes (lower eukaryotes) require less memory than more complex transcriptomes such as from vertebrates.

If you are able to run the entire Trinity process on a single high-memory multi-core server, indicate the number of butterfly processes to run in parallel by the --CPU parameter.

Our experience is that the entire process can require ~1/2 hour to one hour per million pairs of reads in the current implementation (see link:FAQ). We're striving to improve upon both memory and time requirements.

If you do not have direct access to a high memory machine (typically having 256G or 512G of RAM), consider running Trinity on one of the externally available resources.

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