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Capacitor DatePicker

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npm i capacitor-datepicker



import { DatePicker } from 'capacitor-datepicker';

const picker = new DatePicker();
const current = new Date()
const response = await{
    mode: 'date',
    date: current.toISOString(), //  ISO 8601 datetime format
    theme: 'AppDialogTheme' // Android theme name uses 'DialogTheme' as the default,
    min: current.toISOString(), // available for date mode
    max: new Date(current.getTime() + (86400 *1000 * 2)).toISOString() // available for date mode
    title:'Choose A date yo',
    okText: 'DO IT',
    cancelText: 'NAH',
    okButtonColor: 'green',
    cancelButtonColor: 'red',
    titleTextColor: 'black' // IOS only
    titleBgColor: 'green' // IOS only
    is24Hours: false // available for time mode
const date = response.value;


Method Default Type Description
show(options: DatePickerOptions) Promise<{ value: string }>