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Image Cache Core

npm npm Build Status

npm i capacitor-image-cache

import { ImageCache } from 'capacitor-image-cache';

const cache = new ImageCache();

const { value } = await cache.get({src:"someSrc"}) // checks if the image is in cache and returns the image if not download, store then return

const { value } = await cache.clear() // Clear entire cache returns a boolean

const { value } = await cache.clearItem({src:"someSrc"}) // Clear item cache returns a boolean

const { value } = await cache.hasItem({src:"someSrc"}) // check if cache has item returns a boolean

Cached Image

npm npm Build Status

Cached Image


Capacitor Image Cache is require for this package

  • npm i capacitor-image-cache st-cached-image


<st-cached-image src=""></st-cached-image>

If using with ionic

import 'st-cached-image/dist/cached-image';

Update the following file since ionic ignores the file


copyStCachedImage: {
    src: ['{{ROOT}}/node_modules/st-cached-image/dist/cached-image**/*'],
    dest: '{{BUILD}}'