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Releases will be numbered with the following semantic versioning format:
And constructed with the following guidelines:
* Breaking backward compatibility bumps the major (and resets the minor
and patch)
* New additions without breaking backward compatibility bumps the minor
(and resets the patch)
* Bug fixes and misc changes bumps the patch
CHANGES IN reports VERSION 0.2.0
* `GQ`, `CA`, `LL` and `US` threw multiple warnings if a ligature was detected.
This behavior has been corrected.
* `tex2docx` and other document conversion functions (see: generated an
error if the file path contained a space (see:
Bug caught by MYaseen208 of and fixed by Gergely Daróczi via
pull request #31.
* Functions requiring RStudio did not correctly find RStudio on OS X. Bug
caught and fixed by Kevin Middleton via pull request #36.
* `new_report` and `presentation` utilize the slidify package to render the .Rmd
files associated with the presentation.
* `new_vignette` is a function that takes advantage of R (>= 3.0.0)'s including
of non-sweave vignettes. This function utilizes knitr's capabilities to make
.Rnw and .Rmd vignettes (the reports Markdown/HTML vignette was created this
way). Add additional vignettes to the vignettes directory with the
`append_vignette` function.
* `QC` quick convert between Pandoc recognized languages. Meant for a string
rather than an entire file.
* `FT` a new function that detects face, color and size and generates a font tag
for supplied text.
* `YT` and `VM` wrap a YouTube/Vimeo tag or url to generate an HTML iframe tag.
* `VD` wraps an .mp4 local path to generate an HTML video tag.
* `IF` a new function that wraps a url to generate an HTML iframe tag. This is
useful for embedding a document within another document.
* `IM`, `IM2`, `IW`, `IMF` , and `IM_MO` new functions that wraps an image path
or url to generate a flexible HTML tag with optional hyperlink. `IM2` is a
wrapper for `IM` and assumes the location of the local image file is in
"assets/img/", meaning the user only needs supply the name of the local image.
`IMF` attempts to find the image in expected image directories. `IW` allows
for text wrapping of an image. `IM_MO` provides an HTML image tag with
grow/shrink mouseover properties.
* The cite family of functions has been introduced. These functions provide
quick pulling of quotes with citations (in Markdown or LaTeX format). See
`?citeL` for more details.
* Conversion functions: `md2docx`, `md2pdf`, `tex2html`, `html2pdf`, `tex2docx`,
`md2tex` have been added for a convenient way to convert between file types.
* `rdirs` recursively creates multiple directories.
* The sync family of functions has been introduced. These functions provide
quick syncing between directories. See `?sync` for more details.
* `custom_css` and `custom_pandoc_style` functions for creating the components
necessary for custom css file for use with RStudio + rmarkdown + knitr. See:
* `css_styles` and `css_style_change` compliment `custom_css`. The former
provides internal style.css files : see
The later enables changing style.css files on the fly.
* `repo2github` makes the initial push of a local repo to github.
* The `web` family of functions provide functions to read, write and browse
Internet sites related to the report.
* `notes` is a function that allows the user to view a truncated version of the
notes located in the ARTICLES directory.
* `BV` a function, bibliography viewer, that allows the user to view their
bibliographies stored in the .bib file.
* New templates `wordpress_rmd`, `hw_rmd` `hw_rnw`, `brew.min_rmd`,
`brew.slidify_rmd` `apa6.qual_rmd` and `apa6.quant_rmd` have been added.
- See:
for an example of the `apa6.qual_rmd` in html format.
* `SC` a function to quickly generate special HTML characters.
* `PN` a function to quickly add presenter notes to an HTML slide.
* `HR`, `HR2` `BT` and `EM` functions for quick html hyperrefs, button hyperrefs
and email hyperrefs..
* spacing functions `HS` (horizontal space) and `VS` (vertical space) have been
* `CN` a new function that wraps text with courier new HTML a font tag for
supplied text.
* `WP` a convenience function for formulating Windows paths correctly.
* `slidify_layouts` function to generate html files for extra slidify slide
layouts. By default `new_report` and `presentation` will utilize
`slidify_layouts` to generate the appropriate files.
* The project creating functions (`presentation`, `new_report` and
`new_vignette`) gain an `open` argument to open the directory in RStudio after
it has been created.
* `` is a function used to test if the environment is the global
* `local_host` and `run_lh` functions both create a .sh/.bat file to open a
presentation with a local host. `run_lh` will also run the file. This is
particularly useful with the reveal.js presentation frame work for viewing
slide notes without an Internet connection. (Thanks to Dason Kurkiewicz for
creating the .sh/.bat files generated by these functions).
* `QP` convenience function added as a wrapper for `file.path` and `getwd`. The
user only needs to type the name of directory or nested directories that are
contained within the working directory and a complete path is given.
* `TB` and `TB2` functions added for the creation of text boxes and writable
text boxes.
* The project creating functions (`presentation`, `new_report` and
`new_vignette`) gain a `github` argument that optionally sends the repo to
GitHub public account upon creation.
* The `"rstudio"` template has been added as a template for project creating
functions (`presentation`, `new_report` and `new_vignette`) presentations. Use
`present = "rstudio"`. For more information see:
* `folder` takes a nested directory, in other words it generates multiple
non-existent nested directories.
* `qrepo` has been addded to make quick minimal repositories read for GitHub.
* `GQ`, `CA`, `LL` and `US` parse out both "fi" and "fl" ligatures more
effectively, whereas previously "fi" was assumed if a ligature was detected.
* `new_report` now allows global options to be set that allows numeric values to
be passed to the template option like speed dial. See `?new_report` for more.
* The reports package now has a staticdocs generated help site:
* The reports package now has a related programs/packages help site:
* reports gains an HTML vignette (with video explanations) to better explain
package use. Use `browseVignettes(package = 'reports')` to view the vignette.
* `new_report` now moves a **css** directory in a template to the **REPORT**
directory rather than the main directory.
* Functions that utilize the `copy2clip` argument were set to `TRUE` as the
defualt. This has been changed to `copy2clip = interactive()` to accommodate
use with knitr.
* `html5` and `reveal.js` are now Deprecated. The birth of the slidify package
makes maintaining these functions pointless. These functions will be removed
from the reports package upon the next update.
* `US` has been renamed to `UF` (underscore fill) and gets a counterpart `PF`
(percent fill) for URL blank spaces. `US` is now Deprecated and will be
removed in the next update.
* All options now have a consistent naming scheme (period separator)
- `bib.loc` - The path to the users primary .bib file (I store this in DropBox)
- `name.reports` - The name that will be automatically added to a report/presentation
- `sources.reports` - Path(s) to additional scripts to be sourced on project startup
- `temp.reports` - The primary template to use to generate reports (see template)
- `github.user` - GitHub user name
- `speed.temp` - A speed dial like interface that allows the template argument to take a number
- `present.template` - Path to, or default, .Rmd file template for use in as the
.Rmd used in the slidify presentations
- `revealjs.loc` - The path to the user’s reveal.js full install
* The NOTES.txt and TO_DO.txt files lose the file extensions to become NOTES and
* `knitr 1.6` and `knitcitations 0.6.0` that incorporate the `rmarkdown` package
and utilize yaml + pandoc have significant changes. These changes are
reflected in the `reports` package.
* `pad` removed from reports package and added to `qdapTools` which is now
CHANGES IN reports VERSION 0.1.2
This is a bug fix release
* `GQ` did not handle block quotes correctly in what printed to the console.
This behavior has been corrected.
* `GQ`, `CA`, `LL` and `US` now parse out ligature "fi" as "fi" rather than "?".
Warnings were added for cases when ligatures are detected.
* Fixed the Description file for the basic_web template (missing info).
* `reveal.js` resulted in an error if a reference page was not supplied. This
behavior has been corrected.
* `install_pandoc` is no longer exported as this functionality can be found in
the installr package
CHANGES IN reports VERSION 0.1.1
* The first CRAN installation of the reports package
* Package designed to provide efficient work flow in writing and presenting
academic articles and other reports