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Dallas by Tri


DTX is a collection of locations I've come to favorite since my move to Dallas, TX in June 2011.

Before I moved here, I had the same belief as any non-dallasites had of the stigmatized city: buncha bros, cultureless, sweeping suburbs, fucking traffic, money, money, status, and money. It was not good, but I know it was not completely true. When I moved to DTX, I took on the mission to deeply disprove myself and everybody else by trying to find all the pockets of life within this sprawling metropolis.

These past three years I ate, drink, swam, biked, walked, studied, cooked, slept, partied, listened, fried, shopped, worked, lived through all things Dallas could have offered (I still haven't tried The French Room, because I like to stick to my $1.50/taco budget).

All of that, compiled here.

Go check it out. I'm gonna keep adding to it. Have fun in this town, and you will.