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Trinsic's Issuer Reference App

This demo shows how to add Trinsic Credentials API calls into a nodejs app with our service client. It also shows a webhook implementation can create automated workflows in your app.

Use Case

In this simple use case, you control a (very simple) issuer portal for your organization, which can issue a business card to anyone with a mobile wallet in your organization. Once a business card is issued, that holder can do business card verifications to other peers using the Trinsic Wallet app.


  • npm - Make sure you have the latest stable version;
  • Trinsic Wallet for Android or iOS.

Steps to issue a business card

Prepare issuer portal

  1. Clone the repository git clone
  2. Navigate into the directory cd issuer-reference-app
  3. Install the dependencies npm install
  4. Open up the repository in a code editor of your choice
  5. Rename the .env-template file to .env
  6. Go to Trinsic Studio and create an account

Register your organization

  1. Create a new organization and select the Indicio Test Network.
  2. Click on the Details button associated with the new organization to open the organization details tab. organization view
  3. In the .env file, add your organization's API Key to the ACCESSTOK field.

Create a credential definition

  1. Click on the new organization to enter its dashbaord.

  2. Click on the CREDENTIALS button on the left side of the screen to open the credentials tab.

  3. Click on the Create Template button and select the New Schema option.

  4. Name the template "Business Card".

  5. Enter the following attributes

    • Full Name
    • Title
    • Company Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email

    studio credential view

  6. Click Continue to Review then Confirm.

  7. Copy the Credential Template ID to the .env file under Credential Definition

  8. Click on the information icon next to the credential definition.

  9. Copy the Schema ID to the .env file under Sovrin Staging Schema

Running the application

After defining the credential, you are ready to run the application.

  1. Run with npm npm start
  2. On the web app (localhost:3000), fill in the details and click issue credential. credential view
  3. Make sure your agent (upper-left on the home tab) and your mobile app (Settings>General>Network) are configured to the Indicio Test Network
  4. Scan the QR with your mobile wallet. qr code view

This is a connection invitation. Webhooks will automatically issue you a credential once this is scanned and the connection is accepted.

Then, simply accept the credential offer and receive a business card!

Contact for any questions.


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