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Trinsic SDK



Dart .NET Go Java Python Rust TypeScript

Development / Build

Dart .NET Go Java Python Rust TypeScript

Library is available for use with different languages

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Welcome to Trinsic, the proof-of-anything platform. We are the leading developer platform for implementing verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers - emerging web standards for building next-gen digital identity systems.

Learn how to issue and verify universally-accepted digital credentials so that anywhere people go online or in-person, they can simply tap their phone, prove who they are, and get what they need.

Getting Started

Check our documentation to learn about Trinsic, work through a basic implementation, plan a full integration, and learn about our tools you can use.

Example Implementations

Check out our dedicated repository with various examples and use cases for different platforms and languages.

Available SDKs

Updating Proto-Generated Files

There is a python script which does the proto file generation for all languages (except dotnet and rust) in the devops folder. dotnet and rust are handled well by their respective build systems. You will need all language-specific plugins configured on your machine.