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This release contains textual changes fixes on the results page, better support for reporting errors to end-users, and support for data collection in result sets.

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@spficklin spficklin released this Nov 10, 2019 · 5 commits to 7.x-1.x since this release

This release contains several bug fixes. The major change is that the results pages are simplified: no more overlays, no more vertical fieldsets, viewable results are opened alone in a new browser tab rather than in an IFrame. The results list now honors the little cog in the Galaxy workflow that indicates if intermediate files should be hidden. It's cleaner and more simple.

When updating, be sure to clear the Drupal cache and run through your workflows to make sure you see the intended result files. Previously all intermediate results would appear, but now, only those marked in the Galaxy workflow to appear will do so. If you do not have the workflow files marked they may not appear.

Uploaded files will no longer appear in the result page either, but only for new workflow submissions, they will still appear on older submissions.

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@spficklin spficklin released this Jan 2, 2019 · 29 commits to 7.x-1.x since this release


Fixed breadcrumbs
Assets 2
Oct 27, 2017
Release v1.0-alpha
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