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(ns disclojure.core
"The main namespace for Disclojure."
[disclojure.gateway :as gw]
[disclojure.cache :as cache]))
(declare dispatch event-aliases on)
(defstruct ^{:doc
"[Struct] An instance of the client used to connect to Discord.
- `:token` The token used to connect to Discord.
- `:listeners` A vector of attached [[Listener]]s.
- `:cache` A [[Cache]] instance."}
Client :token :listeners :cache)
(defstruct ^{:doc
"[Struct] An individual event received from the gateway.
- `:type` The raw event type.
- `:data` The event data received from Discord.
- `:client` The client instance that dispatched this event.
- `:prev` The state of the object represented by `:data` before the event was received.
Only sent with `update` events (`:channel-update`, `:message-update`, etc.)"}
Event :type :data :client :prev)
(defstruct ^{:doc
"[Struct] An event listener. (You should never need to create these yourself! Use [[on]] instead.)
- `:event` The event type that should trigger this listener (may be aliased).
- `:calls` The function this listener calls when the event is received."}
Listener :event :calls)
(defn create-client
"Creates a new [[Client]].
- `token` The token to connect with.
- `cache?` If true, event handlers related to caching are automatically attached (default: `true`)."
([token] (create-client token true))
([token cache?]
[ client (atom (struct Client token [] (cache/create-cache)))
C (@client :cache) ]
;; Apply caching handlers
(when cache?
(-> client
(on :ready (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/insert C :user (-> data :user :id) (data :user))
(doseq [ channel (data :private_channels) ]
(cache/insert C :channel (channel :id) channel))
(doseq [ guild (data :guilds) ]
(cache/insert C :guild (guild :id) guild))))
;; Channel Events
(on [:channel-create :channel-update] (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/insert C :channel (data :id) data)))
(on :channel-delete (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/uncache C :channel (data :id))))
;; Guild Events
(on [:guild-create :guild-update] (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/insert C :guild (data :id) data)
(doseq [ member (data :members) ]
(cache/insert C :user (-> member :user :id) (member :user)))
(doseq [ channel (data :channels) ]
(cache/insert C :channel (channel :id) channel))
(doseq [ role (data :roles) ]
(cache/insert C :role (role :id) role))))
(on :guild-delete (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/uncache C :guild (data :id))))
;; Guild Member Events
(on [:guild-member-add :guild-member-update] (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/insert C :user (-> data :user :id) (data :user))))
(on :guild-member-remove (fn [{data :data}]
[ guilds (vals (@C :guild))
guilds (filter #(not= (% :id) (data :guild_id)) guilds)
members (mapcat :members guilds) ]
(some #(= (-> % :user :id) (-> data :user :id)) members)
(cache/uncache C :user (-> data :user :id))))))
;; Role Events
(on [:guild-role-create :guild-role-update] (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/insert C :role (data :id) data)))
(on :guild-role-delete (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/uncache C :role (data :id))))
;; Message Events
(on [:message-create :message-update] (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/insert C :message (data :id) data)))
(on :message-delete (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/uncache C :message (data :id))))
;; User Events
(on :user-update (fn [{data :data}]
(cache/insert C :user (data :id) data)))))
(defn run
"Connects the client to the gateway, logging it in.
Keep in mind that this function is blocking.
- `client` The client to connect."
(gw/connect (@client :token) false
{ :dispatch (partial dispatch client) }))
(defn on
"Registers an event listener for the given client.
- `client` The client to add the listener to.
- `event` The event to listen for (see [[event-aliases]]). Can also take a vector of multiple events to listen for.
- `f` The function to call when the event is received."
[client event f]
(if (vector? event)
(swap! client assoc
:listeners (apply (partial conj (@client :listeners)) (map #(struct Listener % f) event)))
(swap! client assoc
:listeners (conj (@client :listeners) (struct Listener event f))))
(defn- dispatch [client type data]
"Dispatches an event to the given client."
[ ev (keyword (.toLowerCase (.replaceAll (name type) "_" "-")))
fl (filter
(= (%1 :event) :any)
(= (or (-> %1 :event event-aliases) (%1 :event)) ev))
(@client :listeners))
ct (case ev
:channel-update :channel
:guild-update :guild
:guild-member-update :user
:guild-role-update :role
:message-update :message
:user-update :user
id (case ct
:guild-member-update (-> data :user :id)
(data :id))
pv (if ct
(cache/retrieve (@client :cache) ct id)) ]
(doseq [{f :calls} fl]
(future (f (struct Event ev data client pv))))))
(def event-aliases
"A mapping from event name aliases to their root events.
All events and aliases:
- `:any` (Note: this fires for all events. Use cases are rare but possible.)
- `:ready` (`:connect :connected`)
- `:channel-create` (`:channel-created :channel-add :channel-added`)
- `:channel-update` (`:channel-updated`)
- `:channel-delete` (`:channel-deleted :channel-remove :channel-removed`)
- `:channel-pins-update` (`:channel-pins-updated`)
- `:guild-create` (`:guild-created :guild-add :guild-added`)
- `:guild-update` (`:guild-updated`)
- `:guild-delete` (`:guild-deleted :guild-remove :guild-remove`)
- `:guild-ban-add` (`:guild-ban-added :member-ban :member-banned`)
- `:guild-ban-remove` (`:guild-ban-removed :member-unban :member-unbanned`)
- `:guild-emojis-update` (`:guild-emojis-updated :emojis-update :emojis-updated`)
- `:guild-integrations-update` (`:guild-integrations-updated :integrations-update :integrations-updated`)
- `:guild-member-add` (`:guild-member-added :member-add :member-added :member-join :member-joined`)
- `:guild-member-remove` (`:guild-member-removed :member-remove :member-removed :member-leave :member-left`)
- `:guild-member-update` (`guild-member-updated :member-update :member-updated`)
- `:guild-members-chunk`
- `:guild-role-create` (`:guild-role-created :role-create :role-created :role-add :role-added`)
- `:guild-role-update` (`:guild-role-updated :role-update :role-updated`)
- `:guild-role-delete` (`:guild-role-deleted :role-delete :role-deleted :role-remove :role-removed`)
- `:message-create` (`:message :message-created :message-add :message-added :message-send :message-sent`)
- `:message-update` (`:message-updated`)
- `:message-delete` (`:message-deleted :message-remove :message-removed`)
- `:message-delete-bulk`
- `:message-reaction-add` (`:react :reaction-add :reaction-added`)
- `:message-reaction-remove` (`:reaction-remove :reaction-removed`)
- `:message-reaction-remove-all` (`:reaction-remove-all`)
- `:presence-update`
- `:typing-start`
- `:user-update`
- `:voice-state-update`
- `:voice-server-update`
- `:webhooks-update`
You can find a full listing of events in the Discord API documentation, including the structure of the [[Event]] object's `:data` key."
{ :connect :ready
:connected :ready
:channel-created :channel-create
:channel-add :channel-create
:channel-added :channel-create
:channel-updated :channel-update
:channel-deleted :channel-delete
:channel-remove :channel-delete
:channel-removed :channel-delete
:channel-pins-updated :channel-pins-update
:guild-created :guild-create
:guild-add :guild-create
:guild-added :guild-create
:guild-updated :guild-update
:guild-deleted :guild-delete
:guild-remove :guild-delete
:guild-removed :guild-delete
:guild-ban-added :guild-ban-add
:member-ban :guild-ban-add
:member-banned :guild-ban-add
:guild-ban-removed :guild-ban-remove
:member-unban :guild-ban-remove
:member-unbanned :guild-ban-remove
:guild-emojis-updated :guild-emojis-update
:emojis-update :guild-emojis-update
:emojis-updated :guild-emojis-update
:guild-integrations-updated :guild-integrations-update
:integrations-update :guild-integrations-update
:integrations-updated :guild-integrations-update
:guild-member-added :guild-member-add
:member-add :guild-member-add
:member-added :guild-member-add
:member-join :guild-member-add
:member-joined :guild-member-add
:guild-member-removed :guild-member-remove
:member-remove :guild-member-remove
:member-removed :guild-member-remove
:member-leave :guild-member-remove
:member-left :guild-member-remove
:guild-member-updated :guild-member-removed
:member-update :guild-member-update
:member-updated :guild-member-update
:guild-role-created :guild-role-create
:role-create :guild-role-create
:role-created :guild-role-create
:role-add :guild-role-create
:role-added :guild-role-create
:guild-role-updated :guild-role-update
:role-update :guild-role-update
:role-updated :guild-role-update
:guild-role-deleted :guild-role-delete
:role-delete :guild-role-delete
:role-deleted :guild-role-delete
:role-remove :guild-role-delete
:role-removed :guild-role-delete
:message :message-create
:message-created :message-create
:message-add :message-create
:message-added :message-create
:message-send :message-create
:message-sent :message-create
:message-updated :message-update
:message-deleted :message-delete
:message-remove :message-delete
:message-removed :message-delete
:react :message-reaction-add
:reaction-add :message-reaction-add
:reaction-added :message-reaction-add
:reaction-remove :message-reaction-remove
:reaction-removed :message-reaction-remove
:reaction-remove-all :message-reaction-remove-all })