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this repo is deprecated, only here for reference, please instead see:


Linux Bot install

As root on a brand new linode machine (Ubuntu 16.04):

One time setup

bash <(curl -s 
bash <(curl -s 

Install bot Binaries

Example usage (must be run as root):

bash <(curl SG 30 4
bash <(curl DE 40 4
bash <(curl JP 50 4
bash <(curl GA_USA 60 4
bash <(curl NJ_USA 70 4
bash <(curl CA_USA 80 4
bash <(curl TX_USA 90 4

Check Install

Check if service script has latest location:

cat /lib/systemd/system/triplea-bot@.service

Check binaries were installed:

ls /home/triplea/bots

Start Bots

Log in as triplea user, run:


Can check if bot java processes are running:

ps -ef | grep java

Check service status (replace 'N' with bot number):

sudo service triplea-bot@N status


  • Documentation and install scripts for lobby and bots

Lobby Install

Example usage (must be run as root):

bash <(curl -h
bash <(curl 3304 /home/triplea/lobby

Update properties:

sudo -u triplea vim /home/triplea/lobby/

Change the value of the postgres_password property to the correct password for this server (refer to the Master Secrets document).

NOTE: If you are setting up a staging server, change the value of the postgres_database property to ta_users_staging.

Log in to DB and look at tables:

sudo -u postgres psql postgres
\c ta_users

Lobby uninstall

$ sudo /home/triplea/lobby/

Lobby DB setup

sudo apt update
sudo apt install postgresql

Set password

sudo -u postgres psql postgres
\password postgres

Set up DB

Create database

$ bash <(curl ta_users

NOTE: If you are setting up a staging server, replace ta_users with ta_users_staging.

Initialize database schema

$ bash <(curl ./db_migration_scripts
$ bash <(curl ./db_migration_scripts 0 ta_users
$ rm -rf ./db_migration_scripts

NOTE: If you are setting up a staging server, replace ta_users with ta_users_staging.

Running bots

Log in as triplea user, start/stop scripts are in /home/triplea

Hosting Bots on Windows

Create this text file on your computer for each bot you want to create and save it with the extension .bat For each bot batch file you create, change the SET PORT= and SET BOT_NUMBER= to a new port number and name. This file must be saved to the triplea game folder on your pc.

You will also need to have the Java SE Development Kit 8u111 installed on your pc for the java command to execute. This is an easy download at

Batch File Commands Below

@echo off


java -server -Xmx320m -Djava.awt.headless=true -classpath "bin/*" games.strategy.engine.framework.headlessGameServer.HeadlessGameServer -Ptriplea.server=true -Ptriplea.port=%PORT% -Ptriplea.lobby.port=%LOBBY_PORT%"automated_host" -PmapFolder=../maps


Bot Maintenance

Maps need to be updated periodically, run:

cd /home/triplea/maps; ./download_all_maps

More on Bots

sudo service triplea-bot@<bot_number> start|stop|status|restart

bot_number is used to make multiple bots possible. Use unique bot numbers across all servers to avoid confusion. Bots currently use up a lot of RAM, probably too much, this is why only a limited amount of bots can be run on a single server.

Every bot needs its own opened port. We recommend ufw as an easy-to-use tool for managing firewall rules. The default port is 400${BOT_NUMBER}, e.g. bot 10 uses port 40010.

Easy restarting

If we now want to restart all default bots, we run:

cd /home/triplea/; ./restart_all

This launches all default bots we defined in our starter service file. Depending on how many maps are loaded, it may take up to 10 minutes until the bots are online.


Re-run the install_bot script

Log files

Currently TripleA creates log files on its own without relying on stdout. If anything ever goes wrong, or we just want to check the log files for another reason, we need to look inside the logs directory of the installation folder. The log folder is located at /home/triplea/bots/logs/ by default.

Adding Linode servers

Select 'add a linode' link:


Choose the smallest one

We mainly need a running machine with RAM: choose_cheap

Choose deploy an image


Deploy ubuntu image

Use defaults, set password, record it in the secret admin password registry: deploy_ubuntu

Rename the server instance


Once it is imaged, click boot button:


Now you can log in as root, and run the bot setup script.

Update host name

  • Edit /etc/hostname, put the hostname in the that file and save
  • Update /etc/hosts, add the hostname to the first line, like so:       localhost BotServer_NJ_70
  • Restart the linode