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TripleA Maps Project

How to play a map pre-release

Three ways: 1. If the map is officially part of the maps project, then look for the releases section of the map, and then look for the zip file download link. Example:

  1. You can also go to the main page of the map, and click "clone or download", and save the map repo as a zip. Then extract the contents of that zip into the triplea 'downloadedMaps' folder (you can set this path from within the game via the settings window)

  2. You can do a 'git' clone of the map repo directly to 'downloadedMaps'

How to Report a Problem with a Map

  • In-game:
    • Click the downloads maps button to open the downloads map window
    • select the 'installed' tab, find the map ands select it
    • click the 'submit feedback' button
  • Alternatively, find the map here:

    • Click through and then look for the "issues" link, and then click "new"
  • Filling out the issues form:

    • Describe the problem, be specific
  • Game bugs should be reported with the game engine:

Map Maintenance

Useful commands:

## search for text
grep -r "search_text"

## search for text and only display the names of the files that match
grep -lr "search_text"

## search XML files, and for each one search for text. 
## This is a much faster version than 'grep -r' which goes over image and binary files
## The "-H" forces the file name in grep. "-h" will suppress. The forced file name is to mimic
## the behavior of 'grep -r' via using the find command.
find . -name "*xml" | xargs grep -H "search_text"